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I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, which was once described by some generous soul as “Paris of the East.” Its difficult charm informed my grim sense of humor.

I’ve studied film culture and journalism in my hometown with stints in Potsdam and Madrid and then worked for a few years as an editor, brand manager, and film critic writing about films, traveling to festivals, and surviving on free champagne from film events.

While reviewing what felt like my hundredth film about the mob and bloody revenge, I realized that I was actually never in the mob or even killed anyone, so maybe it’s time for a change and I should start telling stories that mattered for me. My first serious feature script, a romantic comedy about a girl getting an abortion, got into the final of the Script Pro, a prestigious competition in Poland, and was awarded a grant from the Polish Film Institute.

Around that time, I landed in a squat in East Village, New York. The only free drink from now on was PBR so that was for my version of the American Dream. Currently, I live a bit in Brooklyn and another bit in Malaga, Spain.

I’m especially fond of female outsider characters who are not the nicest (wonder why) but I will make sure they sound real. I’m good at making the most awkward situation grounded and cohesive, with a lot of visuals that move the action forward.

If you want to talk more hit me at malwina.grochowska [at]

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