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A pre-covid satire on over-consumption: a dinner party goes awry when the hosts' digital assistant overhears that her "owners" are not completely satisfied with items they bought online and starts returning them.

A short film script about a boy meeting a girl. A love story happening in a near future in the Autonomous City of New York where most black people were forced out to the Zone but others are living progressive lives in the world where meat and plastic are banned. Will their romance be possible in these dystopian circumstances? I don't know but I actually shot that script in early 2018. You can watch it here.



Toni, a Park Slope mom, left her cozy corporate job to write a novel. But it's not going well: she's stuck and anxious while trying to keep her smile on. When her elderly, cantankerous neighbor manipulates her into driving her to her hometown in West Virginia, she finally finds a worthy opponent on whom to unleash her pent-up frustrations.


A short film script, taking place in New York City and incorporating in its dialogue the lines that somebody actually said some day on the city’s streets. From behind the ostensible chaos formed by the chunks of conversations, screams in different accents and languages, emerges a story of the main character, one of the millions immigrants in New York, and her life, which got turned inside out by the forgotten war in the Eastern Ukraine.

George Tooker, The Subway, 1950.png


Shamelessly refurbishing my own experiences as a film journalist working in the US, I wrote this TV pilot about a group of foreign journalists interviewing actors in NYC and their disappointments, as they struggle to stay afloat in the storm of small celebrity scandals and corporate media culture.

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